Convertica were recently voted the Best Conversion Rate Optimization Company in October 2020.

The owner Kurt Philip has grown the agency to huge numbers in a short space of time.

Who is Convertica?

Convertica is a full-service conversion rate optimization agency with specializations in eCommerce, lead generation and affiliate sales.

This means that they do all the optimization work from start to finish. This includes:

  • Detailed site audits
  • Mockups for mobile and desktop
  • A/B split testing and multivariate tests
  • Implementation of winning designs

Detailed Conversion Rate Optimization Site Audit

The site audit is a data-based assessment of your site.

The Convertica team finds the areas that are leaking revenue. They then make a CRO strategy to make more revenue from the same traffic the site gets.

Mockups For Mobile and Desktop

Based on the site audit, Convertica then makes a new design of the pages that need optimizing.

They do all the front-end and back-end coding of the site.

With their SEO knowledge, they always make sure that any changes do not affect search engine rankings.

According to Kurt, the changes they make are good for user intent and time spent on site, that it only boosts SEO instead of hindering it.

A/B Split Testing

This is when the new page design is pitted against the old.

Using the latest A/B testing tools, the new page is put to the test. An equal amount of traffic will be sent to each page version to see which one converts better.

The test ends when it reaches statistical significance. All winning tests are then further refined.

Detailed Reporting and Implementation of Winning Designs

At the end of a campaign, Convertica provides you with a detailed report of the test.

Their web development team also implements all the winning layout changes on your site.

Convertica Review

The reviews and feedback from all SEOs in the communities are very positive.

“These guys have the CRO process down. Fast, responsive, knowledgeable, and the results are, quite frankly, unbelievable. I’ve also learned a TON about CRO since working with the team and can wholeheartedly recommend them without even a second thought.” Gareth Daine

A review by Gareth Daine, one of Convertica’s clients above just shows how amazing the services they provide are.

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