OMG Machines Review

OMG Machines has helped over 1100 SEO Individuals have success online in the digital marketing space.

But is OMG Machines a scam?

Or is the OMG Machine SEO Course among the best SEO courses available online.

One Man Gang SEO Course

OMG is marketed online as an advanced SEO course famous for its reverse sink or swim backlinks.

Do you know everything there is to know about SEO? Are you confident you are running your business to the best ability from an SEO perspective?

You will not believe how easy it is to work from anywhere in the world with the OMG course!

What does OMG Machines stand for?

OMG Machines stands for One Man Gang Machines, meaning that when completed you should be completely self-sufficient in running your own business online by yourself.

Greg Morrison who is one of the original success stories for online Marketing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

What is OMG Machines?

OMG Machines is an advanced online course consisting of video teachings around how to be an internet marketer. Although the course promotes that anyone can learn SEO the course does not explain the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and is most definitely targeted towards those who are already in the industry, with a basic level of understanding.

The course covers the following topics –

  • Detailed best practise around On-Page SEO and how to Rank sites/pages in Search Engines.
  • Up to date tactics and monetisation of your own sites/affiliate sites.
  • How to sign up top paying clients (Local SEO).

Is this Package Worth $7,999?

If you are looking for fresh, to the point and personal first-class coaching from an extremely successful entrepreneur then this course is for you. This price tag isn’t cheap but the guys at OMG feel their value is worth the price and in some respect, I have to agree. Although an advanced course, the teachings cover everything current and relative around online marketing and SEO in January 2021.

Although OMG Machines opens you up into an exciting community of online entrepreneurs one thing I would say before parting with your money is to ensure this is the type of work you wish to enter.

If you think this is an easy path to working less and earning more money then this may not be the path for you, commitment and hard work is crucial if you are to follow in the footsteps of this elite group of entrepreneurs.

You will not believe how easy it is to work from anywhere in the world with the OMG course!

Pro’s to OMG Machines

  • Help and support around why you currently aren’t ranking in search engines.
  • Expert teachings from instructors in specific areas of the business.
  • Access to thousands of sites and tools to aid and test your business.
  • A wide variety of monetisation methods to diversify income sources.
  • Belong to a community of entrepreneurs.
  • OTS (Over The Shoulder) Video teachings.

Con’s to OMG Machines

  • Expensive at a price of $7,999 (monthly instalments available).
  • Advanced course – any novices will need a basic level of SEO.
  • Doesn’t include a basic level of how to create a blog/website.
  • No refund policy.


It’s no secret that Mike Long, Greg Morrison, and David Mills are the best experts in their own specialities and what I love about this course is that they all teach with their individual relatable personalities.

All the videos are delivered with great honesty and enthusiasm, and they all really do have their students best interests at heart. As SEO changes on a regular basis, it’s imperative for products to be ahead of the times in this ever-changing industry, and this course is most certainly an advocate of this.

OMG is an all-round elite level course that comes at a price.. self-motivation and discipline to execute your learnings need to be at the forefront at your decision to purchase.

Good Luck!

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