Best Horse Racing Syndicates

Are you looking for racehorse syndicate or club? Have you spent years betting on horses, and fancy yourself joining the owners’ set?

Owning a racehorse can be really lucrative and rewarding – meaning that it might just be time for you to take a look at a few local racing clubs, and to find out more about how the world of syndicate racehorse racing actually works.

But how much of a share over a horse do you actually get when it comes to syndicate ownership? More’s the point, what are the best race horse syndicates available in the UK right now?

If you’re struggling to navigate the world of racing shares and need a bit of a helping hand to move in the right direction, be sure to look into one or more of the brilliant racing club opportunities we list for you here.

If you’re completely new to the owners’ set, and wouldn’t mind grabbing a few owners’ badges of your very own, keep reading for the complete lowdown on how to bag a share of some big winners.

Best Racehorse Syndicates January 2021

The best racehorse syndicates are:

  1. Dooley Thoroughbreds
  2. Hambleton Racing
  3. Value Racing Club
  4. Diamond Racing
  5. Middleham Park Racing
  6. Highclere Racing
  7. Shamrock Thoroughbreds
  8. Nick Bradley Racing
  9. Grange Park Racing

Horse Racing Syndicate

A horse racing syndicate works similarly to how you’d buy a share in a company or brand.

It also works similarly to how you might play the lottery. However, there is a real racing horse at stake, and you and a group of other people will stand to benefit from your horse’s successes.

Co-ownership is massive in the UK. Race horse UK clubs allow racing fans to try ownership on their own terms, as if they were experiencing the life of a trainer.

However, some syndicates for horse racing work differently to others. That’s why, when you are first looking into one or more shares, you must always compare and contrast between leading racing club choices and syndicates available.

You can sometimes pay a single fee towards syndicate ownership of a horse. However, in others, where you are investing in horse racing for a longer period, you may have to pay regular fees and rates. These are to be expected!

Therefore, one of the things you should really look for when considering share ownership is how much the entry cost is likely to be. Will this offset the prize money you stand to receive from a leading race horse?

There are plenty of things you need to consider when looking into a syndicate racehorse. However, with our list of the best syndicates available, you can be sure that picking the right share scheme for racing horses just got that bit easier.

What are the Benefits of Horse Racing Syndicates?

Many people choose horse racing syndicates as they can result in a cost-effective way of making money from racing horses.

Here are just a few things you might want to keep in mind with horse racing syndicates if you’re unsure whether or not to take a chance.

  • Many people choose horse racing syndicates because they work out more cost-effective than owning horses outright.
  • In some cases, you may be able to make stable visits to see your horse up close!
  • Some of the biggest and most celebrated prize winners have come from syndicate ownership and stables.
  • Shares can be flexible to buy, whether as part of an upfront fee, or with costs spread across time to come.
  • You’ll also be able to make key decisions regarding your racehorse. This can depend on how many shares you have, or how large your stake may be in any case. However, being able to decide what happens to your horse from race to race is likely to be hugely appealing to racing fans!
  • Of course, you’ll get to share some of that wonderful prize money – in the event that you’re investing in a racehorse likely to bring home the rosettes!

Therefore, it’s clear there are plenty of reasons why people choose to invest in horse racing syndicates.

Do make sure to take a look at what other owners have to say, and to compare between the top syndicate schemes we have listed for you in this guide.

Are Horse Racing Syndicates Expensive?

Horse racing syndicates are actually often more affordable than buying a horse outright.

This is because you don’t have to pay for the complete upkeep of the horse yourself. Whether your horse is one year old or several years old by the time you buy a share, you will only ever take on a share of the ownership.

This means that as well as spreading the cost between several enthusiasts, you’ll also be spreading the prize money.

If a trainer and owners manage to take their horses to big festivals, for example, this could mean you end up winning a fairly large slice of some fantastic prize money. It’s worth looking into.

Many owners will also tell you that the price you pay for a share in a racing horse is well worth the perks. You get the thrill of owning a racehorse, as well as the chance to make some serious winnings from big races, other horse runs, as well as festivals.

It’s an ideal opportunity for racing fans to get close to the world of horse ownership.

Best Racehorse Owning Syndicates

Are you looking for the top horse racing syndicates in the UK? Trying to get in touch with a trainer, or just want the thrill of being in an owners’ club? In any case, we really cannot blame you.

Whether you are looking for a year old horse that’s a budding champion, or a racehorse who’s proven themselves to be hot to trot, it’s high time you compared between what’s out there.

Take a look through our full list and guide to see which ownership programs interest you the most – we’ve gone to the effort of funding share programs we think give genuine value back to you.

Give it a try – why not become a part owner of a racehorse?

If you’ve spent years betting on horses and are wondering what the world of ownership is like, now’s the time to try it out for yourself.

Horse Racing Syndicates

If you are interested to find out more about horse racing syndicates available in January 2021, please have a look at the below: